Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random boringness

Presenting the newest edition of boring blankets: blanket number 129. This dazzling example represents the school of random boringness.

For some peculiar reason, my sister thinks that I rock. I guess boring blanket people can rock, too. I pass this honour along to my darling friend, Elli.


At 5:04 pm , Blogger Mary deB said...

That is gorgeous! You do rock!

At 11:36 am , Anonymous Elli said...

Rokkaathan sinä, tiätty! Kiitos kunniasta, muru. <3

At 11:57 pm , Blogger Red said...

I don't know why you think it's boring. The colors and the contrast are so vibrant.

At 6:30 pm , Blogger AmberCake said...

I guess I'm boring - I love the blanket!

At 9:28 am , Anonymous Ulrika said...

I absolutely love your blankets, they're all gorgeous!


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