Monday, January 28, 2008

Everything Blanket

There's something about New England that fascinates me: John Irving and New Hampshire, Donna Tartt and Vermont... and the fact that I'll never be able to pronounce the name Massachusetts correctly. What I really wish is that I could have been in Montpelier, Vermont in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Around that time Ginny Callan opened her legendary Horn of the Moon Café. Since time travelling isn't really an option, I try to live the experience through Callan's wonderful cook books, Horn of the Moon Cookbook and Beyond the Moon. One of the recipes is called Everything Cookies. The recipe includes everything you can hope for in cookies: chocolate, nuts, raisins, you name it.

The newest member of my blanket family is the blanket equivalent of Everything Cookies. Like its cookie counterparts, it has everything in it: a big log cabin in the middle, a few mitred squares, some bias-squares and all the colors of the rainbow and then some.

Everything Blanket is now ready to be sent off to one of my friends. She had a really bad year, and she has no idea she's going to receive a blanket. I hope it'll be a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, being wrapped up in this blanket will make her feel a little happier.

Everything Blanket is ready to conquer the world!


At 11:43 pm , Blogger PICAdrienne said...

what a beautiful blanket. Your friend is blessed to have you for a friend.

At 6:43 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blankets. Am glad you're putting them on again, because I check your site ALL THE TIME, hoping to see more. Still waiting for the blanket book I want you to write....

Westerville, Ohio, USA

At 1:35 am , Blogger Jane said...

You are a blanket goddess! I just found your blog and haven't read all of the postings, but I would love it if you would share your process for creating the blankets. Do you draw the blanket before you knit, or just wing it? Also, how big are your blankets? You have given me so much inspiration. I am presently working on a log cabin style blanket, but it is so subdued and safe compared to your daring and bold masterpieces! Thanks for sharing.

At 2:27 pm , Anonymous gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and seeing our blanket, I feel like I've been visited by the QUEEN, no, someone else said it, the Knitted Blanket Goddess. Your blog is what insprired me in the first place but it took me a long time to start - and even longer to finish, we are such whiners.
This latest creation of yours is stunning.
ps. I loved the Horn of the Moon, ate there a few times. sigh.

At 4:02 am , Blogger nova said...

Your blankets are amazing! And they are not boring at all (at least, they are not boring to look at!). I don't think I have the patience to knit a blanket. Looking at your blankets, I wish I did!

At 10:20 pm , Blogger Mary deB said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again! I'll check in regularly; your blankets are always gorgeous.

At 4:59 pm , Anonymous Kim said...

I just discovered your blog and have bookmarked it. I've never seen such beautiful blankets in my life!!!! If I made even one such beautiful blanket I don't think I'd be able to part with it. Is there somewhere I can learn how to make the squares? I'm so inspired by you I want to make one.
Warm regards from Canada,

At 9:35 pm , Anonymous Lille said...

Taiteilija oot siskosein. Tosi hieno peitto!

At 2:25 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of summering in Vermont in those years...Horn of the Moon was awesome, the screen door open and breeze blowing in, a newspaper to pick up, it overlooked a small river, and was 3 doors down and across the street from a longgone fiber shop. I still use her cookbooks. Thanks!

Wendy in South Carolina


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