Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hirsimökin parkettilattia

Arvatkaapa, mitä saadaan, kun yhdistetään hirsimökki ja parkettilattia. Tietystikin mökki- ja parkettitilkkujen yhdistelmä!

Peitto nro 37
Hirsimökki ja parkettilattia

Lopputulos on aika... kauhea, mutta tyylipisteitä ei enää jaeta, kun deadline on niin lähellä. Tärkeintä on saada mahdollisimman monta peittoa valmiiksi. Tämä psykedeelinen yhdistelmä on peitto numero 37. Kuvat kaikista peitoista löydät täältä.

Lopuksi vielä tunnelmakuva puikkokaaoksesta


A woman with a mission

Have you ever seen a log cabin with a parquet floor? If you haven't, check this.

Peitto nro 37
Blanket number 37

Log cabin squares and parquet squares. It's quite... what's the word... awful, but I'm a woman with a mission. And the deadline approaches. It's time to forget all the style and quality requirements and try to sew up as many blankets as possible. This is the 37th blanket. You'll see all of them here.

After this psychedelic picture, I want to show you something more soothing. My needles. Funny how relaxed this picture makes me.

My needles


At 6:14 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love blankets #2 and #25. They are all amazing, but those are my favourites. Beautiful!

At 2:32 pm , Blogger Kati E said...

Minkä kokoinen tuo megajättipuikko on???

At 2:35 pm , Blogger Tilkkusisko said...

Thanks, anonymous! :)

Kati, sen koko taitaa olla 15. :D

At 9:11 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blankets are so beautiful and happy looking, it is so hard to believe they came out because you were sad.


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